A day to remember

I want to write about a day to remember. On day I was at my brother’s house in Qadarif. I was watched TV at 5:00 pm. My brother came back from his job and had lunch. At 5:30 my brother went to the market, I asked my brother’s wife where he went. She told me he go to the market, I said why? She told me she didn’t know. After an hour he came back home with my mother. It was a surprise to me. It was the most beautiful surprise in my life, I handed her and said I miss her and I spoke to her. On this day, I was the happiest person in the ground and I think it’s most beautiful surprise in my life; I want to thanks my brother and his waif for this surprise and I want for my mother that God protect her for me and God protect me for her.


The bank of the Nile in1960

I am looking at bank of Nile.
The sun is shining. It generally shins in Omdurman in April. It is always very hot. The men have started cut the wood. They haven’t finish cut the wood. The man have carrier filled his tins the water.
The merchant with the sunshade come to river bank to buy. He comes on the car.
He opened the door of the car from him self. He is comeback to his shop and got into his car.
The airplane has landed. It is has still freely from Tutti island reached the bank. It is going to shop. The boot near the Nile has not yet gone through the bridge.
I have ever gone to the bank of the Nile on a trip. It has been very nice. I would like to go there sometimes. I would like to go with my friends and my family. It is very nice always to go there. I think the bank of the Nile today is very nice. It looks same.


About my favorite person

I want write about my mother. She is very mother in the world. She was born in Omdurman in nineteen eight four. She lives in Omdurman. She is very beautiful lady. She studied until high school only. She knows English very well.
She loves me and I love her too, very much. I am yungest in my family. She cooks very well. She is a grandmother to four girls and two boys . I believe she is very important in my life. I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world.


How I use to internet

I started the Internet 2 year ago.I spend t about 3 hours surfing the Internet. I told my friends and family in chat and messenger. I visit myegy and Google. I download programs, music, video, playing and watching funny video clips etc.

How I spent Eid Holiday

I want to write about eid holiday. I went to Awlya Mountain me and my friend. We toke water, juice, bread, meet and card. We lift Omdurman at eight o'clock. We ate breakfast at half past twelve and drank water and juice. My friends went to the Nile and swimming and playing in the Nile. But me and my friend play card and didn't go to the Nile. At half past four ate the diner and drank water and juice. At six o'clock left Awlya Mountain. In the way we were singing and dancing. we came bake our home at nine o'clock.

About me

I am Mojtaba. I am 18 year. I am live Omdurman. I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers. I have 4 nephews. I learn in Tagana University. I learning computer since in semester 3. I play football. I used computer and internet . I want to be a programmer.

How I use my mobile

I have 6300 Nokia phone. I used Zain. It’s very important. I used the mobile phone to galling with the people, listen my music. Call my friend and saw the moves. I have a same model. I spend talking my mobile about 10 minutes. I talk more in afternoon. I send SMS about 2 SMS. I received about 2 SMS. I used my mobile sometimes. I calling in my mobile sometimes.